Sunday, February 15, 2009

One more Janet Hill

Here is my latest Janet Hill purchase.  To say that I love her (Zelda is her name) is an understatement.  At present she is resting on top of our mantle, however there are a few walls in our home she would look perfect on.

Interior design - Anna Spiro
All images - Sharnel Dollar


  1. Okay now what is the trick I have tried to buy paintings from her site and always miss out! love the treasures you found, my girls do the antique shopping too and we just love it. Ebay here I come!!!

  2. Judy, you to be sitting on your computer when she posts it on etsy. And just keep refreshing the page. From memory, Janet usually posts around 9am Aussie time. Good luck! It's worth it.

  3. How pretty... I am going to check her out... your house is gorgeous, hope to see more pictures :)


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