Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beautiful find

I can feel a whole new party theme starting to take flight, deep deep down in my waters LOL!

Olivia's 6th Birthday is still 36 days away and I'm already planning her Prep (pre-school) summer break-up party. I have a fixation on the colours turquoise, hot pink and yellow at present and when I saw this gorgeous hand painted decanter this morning in the latest issue of Country Living July - August 2010 I jumped for joy!


Now to get it here. Hhhhmmmm ..... I can sense an email to my good friend Glory may just be in order.

Brown Button Trading have some lovely bits and pieces that would go perfectly with the decanter. And the turquoise jug is on sale!


  1. Hehe!! =) This is SO beautiful!! I'll happily send it your way!

  2. Sharnel....I don't know what to say....I have just browsed through all the posts that I've missed and I'm once again in awe of your beautiful life perspective. I loved, loved, loved the photos of your precious family. How lovely you all are. I'm also wondering if you'd consider adopting me? I'll be absolutely no trouble whatsoever, I promise:)

    So nice to be able to touch base with you again, it's been weird to be out of the land of blog for so long. Dave said to me about a week ago, "You really need to get in touch with your bloggy pals don't you? Sooner the better, I think!" God bless him, he gets it. Meredy xo.

  3. Agreed with everything. I love those colours too. I will keep an eye out if I see anything which would fit in well too. I wish i lived near Glory!

  4. Thanks so much for posting a link to Glory's blog - how amazing is her work and she is so generous with her tutorials. Can't wait to see what you do with Olivia's parties.


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