Friday, March 25, 2011

Hop to it!

I loved the Easter Printables Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous designed so much I asked her to create some choc bar wrappers and something I could print onto these cotton drawstring bags.

I love how they turned out so much that these are the little Easter treats William will hand out to his classmates this year.

Easter board

You can purchase the pre printed muslin bags here.

Easter Printables set and Easter banner image courtesy of Style Me Gorgeous

Choc bar images Sharnel Dollar Designs

All artwork copyright Style Me Gorgeous


  1. They look did you print onto bags?
    Did you use iron ons?

  2. I saw your store and I am in love with some pieces. Do you ship to Brazil? And, if you do, how much would coast to ship this
    for example?

  3. Yes Janina they are iron on transfers.
    Marina - $30 for sea mail and $50 for air mail. Yes and I would post for you.


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