Saturday, September 12, 2009

Backyard Burra


This is our three times a day (sometimes more) visiting Kookaburra. He normally brings his wife and baby too!

Isn't he just gorgeous? Do you have any visiting wildlife at your home?


  1. Hi Sharnel, we too have lots of furry friends. Every morning just before day light we have kangaroos everywhere on our front lawn. Today we had a duck and her three babies and only a few weeks ago I rescued a cockatoo that had fallen from a tree. It is so wonderful to see the look on the kids faces when all these visitors appear. Sandy

  2. Oh I'd love some kanga's. Where I grew up we would have 20 each morning. But none here unfortunately. We also have duckies, normally 3 or 4 pairs that visit.
    How wonderful to rescue a Cockatoo. I love them too!
    Thank so sharing Sandy.

  3. Ok, well we have the roos here too! Think they found me again after many years apart! We have about 7 that hang around nearly all day. Often right by the patio, literally 3 metres from my sofa in the lounge room. We also have a pair of ducks, a turtle in the little ravine, a cockatoo named Jerry (he is a pet one from the neighborhood but flies as he pleases to wherever he pleases and chats...amazing really). I also have 2 little rats(a boy and girl) that have taken up residence, they are lovely and cute but hate to clean up and continuously ask to be fed...A lively place!

  4. Oh I miss these birds!My husband is an Aussie :) We used to live in Cairns and then we are back in my home state of Michigan, but EVERYBODY asks my husband why on earth he left Australia!??...I'd love to see a kookaburra baby!!

  5. Wow what a fabulous picture you have captured!
    What camera, lens do you use?
    Love Love your blog!


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