Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ralph love

There is nothing I love more then relaxing here after a busy day. My favourite place to sit is my blue and white Ralph (Island Key Floral) armchair. I turn all the lights out, leaving the pendant lights in the kitchen on low. I can see a faint reflection of light outside on the pool and it's just magical.
My other favourite piece in this room is the white table next to the chair. I found it on eBay for next to nothing, had it painted white and viola!
I'm on the lookout for some gorgeous artwork for that big blank wall too. Not sure what road I'll go down there though. I'd love a huge original piece to hang, just haven't found the one I love just yet.


  1. What a beautiful spot to kick back and relax ~ I can see a nice cup of tea with honey along with a good book too!

  2. Oh, is that your place?! I have seen it, I think, in the Black + Spiro portfolio and I almost fell out of my chair when I becuase my favorite thing in the world is blue and white and the way that home is put together is just beautiful.

  3. What an absolutley gorgeous room!

  4. i love this room, especially the chair! Anna's done a lovely job.


  5. I love these colour combinations...a gorgeous room, xv.

  6. Hi Sharnel,

    Thank you so very much for dropping by The Attic and leaving such a lovely comment.

    You have a great blog here, I'll be back to read some more. You have such beautiful photo's.

    I adore the room above, so chic, it looks very relaxing.

  7. Oh, I want to sit there too!! You are one lucky lady!! :)

  8. Love the aluminium side table, have the same one myself :)

  9. Gorgeous - what a delightful room and a great place to unwind each day!

  10. What a simply sublime room LOVE IT LOVE IT.

    Just found your beautiful blog and will be adding it to the blogs I love...

    Would love you to drop by Sunny Mummy and have a daily fix if you enjoy!

    Keep Stylin

    Stace aka Sunny Mummy


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