Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trade Fair success

For the past five days I've been in Sydney at the Reed Gift Fair helping out my BFF with her fab new business.
We had so much fun and along the way managed to sign up some amazing retailers .... Lily-G, Pigotts Store, Reclaim and Magnolia to name but a few.
It was so reassuring for Keren to hear everyone comment on how gorgeous the Bungalow range is and how excited these retailers where to find new, fresh and affordable designs to stock their shelves.
I think she is on a winner!


  1. Ooh, they're pretty. I finally posted on my blog about the giveaway I won from you (the bake cookbook and Jessie Steele mitt). I've baked heaps since it arrived but I keep forgetting to photograph the cakes before I eat them (as they just look so yummy)! http://cerebralexcrement.blogspot.com/2009/09/brownies.html

  2. Would you send me a note tellingme where I can purchase this bedding? It is lovely.

  3. Been following your blog for a while, thanks for the information about the shop!

  4. oh i totally agree - love the range! x

  5. I love these fabrics and was wondering where to buy them in the U.S. I bought a table cloth in a little shop in Beaufort, South Carolina and wish now that I would have bought more, as I was only vacationing there and can't remember the name of the shop. Could you please let me know.


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