Monday, January 19, 2009

Birthday celebrations

Cupcakes by Keren @ The Cupcake Company

Enjoying the Gecko's wildlife presentation

Emma and Tom with baby python

Snappy the croc

William and the turtle

Pool fun

Back verandah all decked out

Birthday banner made from giant ric rac, coloured cardboard and mini pegs

Balloons from Pink Frosting

Table setting

Vines made from  pipe cleaners and crepe paper

Party treat bags from Poppies for Grace.  Geckos and pegs from Spotlight.

On Sunday we celebrated William's 3rd Birthday with a Wild Animal themed party.  The highlight of the day was a presentation from Gecko's Wildlife.  We had two snakes, a crocodile, three lizards, a frog, a tawny frog mouthed owl, two turtles and a squirrel glider in our house.  The kids were absolutely mesmerised for an entire hour.
We also hired a jumping castle which has become a staple at our birthday parties.  The pool was also a hit.

All images - Sharnel Dollar 2009


  1. Oh wow - it looks fantastic! I wish you were my mum!

  2. what a fantastic party looks like so much fun x

  3. WOWWWW! That's fabulous!
    How did you arrange for the wildlife guests?
    The whole party is adorable!

  4. Thanks Anna, Judy and Michelle.
    Michelle - I hired a wildlife company to do the talk. They are called Geckos Wildlife.
    Thanks for stopping by everyone.

  5. This is amazing! I would love to link to this in an upcoming birthday party roundup if you didn't mind! There are so many amazingly creative ideas here!

  6. Wow what a great party. We just celebrated our daughters 2nd birthday (also posted on Party Perfect), but being a January baby in London it is a little hard to have it by the pool. However my parents live in Kingscliff just south of Tweed Heads which is where she will be when she turns 3 and we plan to use the pool and have a jumping castle. I only hope it is as fun as your son's party looks. Maraka

  7. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous party! You are party planner extraordinaire!

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  9. An amazing job! I love the simplicity of your goody bags. I will definately be sharing this party with my readers, thanks for sharing!


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