Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OMGoodness!!!!! Nnnnnnnoooooooo!!!!

I think this gorgeous heart pinboard from Plumo might cheer me up a little after the shock news of Domino Mag closing it's doors.
Anna from ABT got me hooked only a little over a year ago, but I really did sweat it out each month waiting for my next issue to arrive.  Actually, it was only last night I emailed Anna and asked her what she thought of the latest issue and that it was pretty thin.  We both agreed we weren't fussed on the current issue and now I can see why.
Good-bye dear friend, it was short and sweet but oh so good.  Well at least for me.  Not sure who I'm going to replace you with.   I will miss you! xox

Image 1 - Plumo
Image 2 - Domino Mag


  1. this is not fairy fabulous!!!

  2. this is so tragic, isn't it! My fabulous incredible friend Pippa (tres dodgeois) gave me a subscription for my birthday last year and totally blew me away. I used go and buy at borders. devastated!!! xx


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