Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Australian textile designer - Saffron Craig


I just had to share this gorgeous fabric with you. It's part of the new range from Saffron Craig.

The colour palette is super yummy and at $14.95 per 50cm you can afford to go crazy wild! I may even purchase a few metres myself and wrap myself up in it for Christmas Day. What a treat for my guests!

Check out her other gorgeous designs here.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our home in House & Garden this month

House & Garden

You can imagine my excitement when we returned home to see our dining room featured in the November issue of Australia H&G Top 50 Rooms.

Of course the super talented Anna Spiro from Black & Spiro designed this gorgeous room (actually our entire house).

Oh how I do love our home!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm back and with some wonderful news

We arrived home on Sunday evening and I must say that there is total truth in the saying "there's no place like home".
The family had the most wonderful holiday. It was exciting, spiritual and relaxing all in one. I have literally over 1000 photographs to sort and edit and will upload some as soon as time permits. We took some pretty amazing wildlife photographs (both my husband and I share a passion for photography).

Africa - first snapshot

So the wonderful news is .......................... that my Dad's operation was a success and he was regained some movement in his legs. Not sure if you remember, but the surgeon gave him a 1% chance of that happening. In true "Dad" style, he went into his surgery with pure faith that he would regain movement. AND HE DID!! He flys back from Sydney with the Qld Ambulance tomorrow and starts rehabilitation at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I'd been on the phone to him every few days and will feel so relieved when he is back in his own territory with his wife and friends close to him.

Thank you to everyone that left kind and thoughtful messages about his welfare. And thank you for your prayers. They worked!