Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's a Jolly Holiday with Olivia

It gives me so much pleasure to share with you these images from my daughter's recent 7th birthday. Thank you to Amy Atlas for sharing this party with you all.

This year Olivia asked if she could have a tea party to celebrate her birthday. After much discussion it was decided we would host a Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday Tea Party with a group of her closest friends.

I have a few thank you's I would like to make before I show you the photos.

To Loralee Lewis for designing the most beautiful paperie including invitations, banners, drink bottle labels, thank you tags, straw flags and cupcake toppers I've ever seen. Loralee's work is original, darling and beautifully presented. Thank you Loralee for everything - it was practically perfect!

I need to thank Leanne Stamatellos for capturing the day so well. Each and every detail was documented. Leanne, as always you do an amazing job. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To Jodie Randolph-Birch for arranging the beautiful blooms and her help on the day.

To Michelle Winson my wonderful neighbour who sewed the tablecloths and chair sashes.

I have to say this is the most enjoyable party I've ever hosted. The children AND adults had an absolute ball. The little ones were transported into another time and place, they didn't stop smiling all afternoon. It is very very satisfying when you receive text messages from the guests thanking you for inviting them to the best party they have ever been to.

I popped open a bottle of bubbles just as everyone arrived, downed a glass and jumped straight on the tea cup ride!

MP 01


Penguins were kindly borrowed from Addie & Me. Thank you Shelby & Caroline.

Invitations Loralee Lewis

Costume by Miss Em


MP 02

MP 03

MP 05

Water proof drink labels & straw flags Loralee Lewis

Straws Sharnel Dollar Designs

MP 04

Tea Set Favours with thank you tags by Loralee Lewis

MP 06


Custom made carousel dessert table by Sharnel Dollar Designs. Available for hire in the Brisbane area.

MP 08

Vintage pink Hull pottery from my own collection

Mosser milk glass cake stands available here

MP 09

Custom cupcake toppers by Loralee Lewis

Milk glass cake stands available here


Concept and styling by Sharnel Dollar Designs

Umbrellas, tablecloths, chair sashes all available for hire.

MP 10

Pink and blue tea cups available here.

MP 11

Pink teapot available for sale here. Flowers arranged my Jodie at W.edding & Co.

MP 12

Glass Jar available here. Macarons from Authentic French Macarons (the best!)

Blue teapot available here.


Stunning carousel horse from Addie & Me

MP 14

Penguin Making was provide by Ted E. Boutique mobile teddy bear making. They can be contacted on 0415 049 499.

MP 15


Toffee Apples were from Designer Toffee Apples

MP 13

I purchased the flower cart from Shoppe with Lily

I painted it and attached the beautiful banner from Loralee Lewis.

The mint green riser is a piece of foam I had cut to size and painted myself.

MP 16

Catering by In a Pickle. Always the most delicious food and with wonderful service.

MP 17

MP 18

Kite making kits were purchased from Kite Magic. The kids absolutely loved them and they fly really well. This is a great activity that gets the kids moving and is not too expensive either.

MP 19

MP 20

MP 21

Cake made lovingly by me! The flavour was neapolitan.


Scalloped treat boxes available here.

Thank you tags by Loralee Lewis.


  1. Sharnel, this is absolutely stunning...gorgeous...perfection! how could you better it for next year!!!! xK

  2. Sharnel you truely out did yourself, the party was beyond amazing and so pretty too, Lily is still talking about it and loving her tea set too xx

  3. Who wants to be a little girl again??? Me PLEASE!! Love it!! Sharnel you rock!! And Leanne beautifully captured.. And how cute are the kids in their costumes just perfect!! xoxo

  4. Oh my goodness, what an amazing party! It just looks like such fun, Olivia is one lucky little girl. Can I come to her next birthday?!

  5. Sharnel, I just adore this party. You really went all our with making penguins, a the tea party set up (I adore those umbrellas! I wonder do you sell the or just hire?) and a TEACUP RIDE?! wow! Just beautiful. The photographs are divine, but you know my favourite? Olivia blowing out her candles.
    "Practically perfect in every way" <3

  6. Absolutely gorgeous and creative party!!! What a lucky lil gal! :)

  7. Oh Sharnel! Adopt me please!!! What a gloriously wonderful birthday party. Olivia looks so happy and gorgeous in these photos (so does William!). Absolutely wonderful job on EVERYTHING! (Gorgeous captures Leanne - love it all!!!)

  8. Incredible - just incredible - I will say it again - incredible. Well done lovely friend, well done! Can't wait to see it in the mag! Leanne x

  9. Amazing.... mind blowing really. The attention to detail is incredible.

  10. Sharnel, I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and remember Olivia's 5th Birthday post, but my gosh, this Mary Poppins Tea Party is amazing! The 3 round tables together with the carousel dessert table are my fav element of it all. Not only did you showcase your amazing talents but you're beautiful home with her beautiful party!!!

  11. Oh my stars Sharnel... I think you've really outdone yourself this time! If I was a kid at this party I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven. Truly outstanding work- I'm a little bit giddy over it actually. xo

  12. What a lovely party - great theme. Our tickets for Mary Poppins in Brisbane are booked (Lou doesn't know yet) - you've got me excited now! We looked at this party together. Her fave thing was the penguins - and the fact that she is one year older than Olivia - that's important when you're eight! Her other comment - you guys have a long driveway!! What a great spot for kite flying. Jane:)

  13. Wow that is beautiful, you certainly put a great deal of work into it and it shows .....Janene

  14. Wow, that looks like one amazing party!!!

  15. This party is just phenomenal, Sharnel! I love Mary Poppins! That carousel dessert buffet is too awesome for words!

    ~ Clare x

  16. I'm gobsmacked Sharnel. How do you do it? You've surpassed even the great Amy Atlas with this one, your talents are quite extraordinary. This is a big girl's birthday party dream as well. Just heavenly. Olivia must have been on cloud nine. I was just looking at the photos. The attention to detail and thought gone into every aspect is mind-blowing. Martha who, I say!

  17. The photography really captures the spirit of the party. Rachel loved it and still sleeps with her penguin! It was a party to remember always!

  18. oh. my. god. Divine, but I didn't expect anything less! Congratulations Sharnel, beautiful. x

  19. I'm speechless!!! This is so amazing! Olivia is one lucky little girl for sure!

  20. this is truly scrumptious, beautiful, inspired and downright amazing! congrats on a vision and theme well done. what an unforgettable day beautifully captured!


  21. This is the MOST AMAZING PARTY!! Beautiful beyond words! I am going to share a link with my blog readers tomorrow!

  22. Oh my goodness...this is the most beautiful party I have ever seen! I'm turning 30 in eight weeks...wish I was having a party like Olivia's!! Hehe!! Outstanding, outstanding, outstanding!!!

  23. OH MY GOSH!!!!
    I just saw the link to this party over on Meredy's blog and HAD to come see for myself.
    Still trying to pick my jaw up off the ground.
    And I thought that I was mad on kids parties???
    Lady, you have taken "Party Fabulous" to a whole new level.
    Would love you to come by and link this up to me party linky {in my sidebar}
    I have a new party hero.

  24. What a gorgeous party, everything was so perfect! Love your attention to details.

  25. What an amazing party! Looked like soo much fun! Beautiful details!

  26. Hi Sharnell, I´m from Argentina and I can´t believe this party. You amaze me!! I wish I have a party like this for my 33 rd. birthday. Just lovely!!

  27. hi sharnel... well accidentally going into ur sight is worth it.. luv it d party and everything in it so great.... so colorful and nice

  28. You have my vote for party of the year if there was ever such a competition! LOVE LOVE IT ALL!

  29. Where did you get the pink bottled lemondade? I am having a tea party for some little princesses!!!

  30. You are absolutely amazing. The things you do to put together a party.. just wow.


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