Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Introducing the "Enchanted Woodlands" party

I'm thrilled to be sharing with you the images from Olivia's 6th birthday party. I can't thank Leanne from Leanne Stamatellos Photography enough for the images she has captured. Also to the ever talented Sarah from Style Me Gorgeous for the beautiful invitations and party printables (name tags, food labels etc).

On arrival each party guest was handed her very own woodlands fairy costume to wear and take home. The costume had a leotard, tutu skirt, head piece, wand and wings. This was enough to send some of the guests over the edge. One little one could not believe that she could keep it FOREVER! So gorgeous.



Once everyone was suitable dressed, Tilly the fully grown fairy whisked them away and played endless games. So many squeals of delight could be heard throughout the yard.




Even when they were out of view .....


The wise old forest owl was there to keep an eye on them.


Our delightfully fluffy friend Pepper the Bunny came to visit and everyone had a chance to hold him.





Then Chrissy and Mistletoe introduced themselves to the woodland fairies and prince.






Did you know woodland fairies tell the best secrets? They whisper so sweetly in your ear.



After all of that they needed a little rest.


And something to eat and drink.




Flower placemats, ruffle tablecloths and toadstools will be available from Sharnel Dollar Designs.




Fairy dust, butterfly balls will be available to purchase and hire from Sharnel Dollar Designs.




We served chocolate dipped strawberries, two types of hand decorated cookies, mm's, caramel popcorn, dutch shortbread and hedgehog cupcakes as part of the dessert table.




The darling cake was made by Jen at A Little Slice of Heaven.


Gorgeous cookies by Polka Cookies.




Cupcakes by me.



Chocolate bar wrappers by Style Me Gorgeous. Thank you Sarah.



Woodland Berry punch recipe to follow. Dew Drops (good old H2o)


Hanging posies by Phoebe Stephens. Votives my own.


My daughter, Tilly and her adorable friends. Each one of them made the day so magical.


Did you enjoy your walk through Olivia's enchanted woodland?

I'll be back over the coming weeks with more photos, links, recipes and great giveaways too.


  1. How totally gorgeous!!

  2. OM gosh Sharnel. I have been so looking forward to seeing Olivia's beautiful party & it was just that. All the beautiful details, the costumes (did you make those?), the table setting, the dessert table just everything, I can't find the right words to say how lovely everything was. You definitely are a talented lady (& obviously very organised). It was also lovely to see a boy enjoy the party too - goes to show its not just for girls. I look forward your reading more of your posts - your's and Tracey Lau's blogs are my fave. Thank you for creating such magnificent parties.

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. That is amazing Sharnel. I got to the little butterflies above the table and thought, "That's my favourite" then I saw the toadstools and thought, "No no no, they're my favourite", until I got to that amazing cake and then that was my favourite. But that was all before I saw the Woodland Berry Punch and Dew Drops. By far, they were my favourite. Fabulous! Where do you come with these amazing ideas?!?! I love it!

  4. I absolutely sure did!!!!
    Spectacular but then I expected nothing less from your very talented self :)

  5. Oh Sharnel...this is pure MAGIC!! What an AMAZING party! Those children would've had the most whimsical time! You are so clever!!!
    Thanks for sharing xo

  6. Oh Sharnel, I almost want to cry at the beauty of it all!! I know so much love went into this day and it really shows!! Most of all, you can really tell the guests all felt so special and all the children really enjoyed themselves! I'm going to go now and look through the photos again... once wasn't enough! Beautiful work my friend!
    P.S I always love details, so I'd love to hear a bit more about the pretty sweets (did you do them all?!), and tell us about those beautiful seats you made... etc.

  7. That is sooo beautiful. Every detail has been covered.
    looking at your photos,I found myself wanting to be at this party...well done

  8. Oh my goodness, Sharnel, the party looked just wonderful. As gorgeous as I imagined it would be. I don't know which part of it is my favourite! The cake is adorable, the deers, the bunny, the fairy outfits......

    You are a very talented mummy :)

    Oh and I love William's outfit and red place setting!!!

    Katena xx

  9. Oh Sharnel!

    I can not decide what element I like most.

    The hanging flowers are beautiful.
    The cookies are fantastic.
    The stools are perfect.
    The printed menu cards are very cute.

    And that berry punch looks so yum.

    You have created the most beautiful woodland party!

  10. ohhhh my goodness Sharnel!! You are amazing

  11. WOW! Is about all I can say! I am speechless! This is the most gorgeous party I have ever seen! I love the flower balls (not sure what to call them!). And I think my daughter to would be amazed if she could keep such a beautiful outfit! And as for the toadstools - I think you are going to have to share your tutorial on that one!

  12. Hi Sharnel, you have one very lucky little girl there. Totally inspirational. Beautifully done -a magical party that I am sure they will not forget for a very long time. Gorgeous photography too.

  13. Sweet, and the colors are lovely!

  14. Gorgeous I can imagine any little girl being speechless at being greeted with such a lovely fairy dress. It's all lovely, I really like the butterfly balls.

  15. Spectacular! Loved everything about it, just gorgeous! Xx

  16. SO gorgeous, congratulations on such an amazing party!!
    You are just the best event designer, concept right through every little detail to create a magical experience!

  17. I have recently discovered you wonderfulness..and have been checking in since the weekend to see the delights of your lucky girls' party :) Very clever mama..and loving the images of little bro in on the fun (my two are almost 7yo girl and almost 5yo boy) so fun x

  18. I so wish I could have been a little fairy invited to this party! So beautifully done... every detail is fabulous! I also want a fairy costume.. & OMG.. How gorgeous are those headbands!!!!!!!
    I really feel sorry for every other mother who's child ever comes to your parties...... how can they ever replicate the same for their children I ask?
    Congratulations Sharnel on such beautiful beautiful work!!!

  19. Olivia will never forget her 6th birthday! What a truly magical childhood memory!

  20. Me thinks that Olivia may just have scored herself the most fabulous mother a child could ever wish for!


  21. Sharnel it is just perfect - so perfect! So pleased the weather did it's about face for you as the setting is magical. So clever you are and the smiles on their faces say it all. Happy Birthday sweet Olivia. Big hugs Leanne xx

  22. Absolutely breathtaking honey...every last detail is right. There is just so much to love. I can just imagine how your gorgeous little "Presh" felt. You are very, very talented baby xx

  23. How beautiful!! Every detail is so gorgeous. Those little girls and boys must have had the best time!

  24. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous party. Beautiful photos and the party accessories wow, can't wait for Sharnel Dollar Designs on-line to launch and buy a few things for my daughter's birthday party.

  25. What an amazing day! It all looks brilliant - a memorable party indeed! KG

  26. This is spectacular! What a jaw-dropping amazing party, everything is gorgeous, I wish I was a little girl again!! x

  27. aww, where was MY invite! lol!

    Love this....how special would you feel your birthday was?


    hello gorgeous xxx

  28. So gorgeous! The hedgehog cupcakes are adorable!

  29. Wow! It's hard to put in words what is going through my mind... amazing! The details, stools (one of my favorites!) everything is so perfect! I’ve been following you for a while and every single party is so perfectly executed. I am a big fun!

  30. What a great party!! Congratulations!!

  31. What a lovely, lovely party! I love the butterfly balls. As always, a wonderful job!

  32. Wow, this is simply incredible! Every photo is a work of art.

  33. Wow what a party! Olivia is a lucky little girl, thanks so much for including me in your party!

  34. Your party was stunning! All the details were perfect!

  35. Wow, how magical. And they all look so pretty!

  36. I was lucky enough to be at the Enchanted Woodland and I don't know how the 5 and 6 year olds felt but I felt like I was in a magical land, it was FAIRY FABULOUS and the children were beyond adorable. The design and decoration was gorgeous, the food MAGNIFICENT and everything 111/100. You are amazing my faboolous big bear. xxxx

  37. where did you get those jars with the mnm's in them? I need to get some jars for my lolly bar at our wedding next year and those would be perfect!

  38. You out did yourself!! I enjoyed every word and picture!! Thank you for sharing.

  39. This is fabulous!! Beautiful! Wow, she will remember this for years to come!

  40. Sharnel,

    Details are beautiful, especially the Hedge Hog Cupcakes.

  41. Everything looks amazing and the photographs are just lovely.
    I'm so glad all your hard work and planning has paid off, I've really enjoyed reading about everything you have been planning.
    It looks like everyone had a magical time =)

  42. Love the butterfly balls! And the buffet is AMAZING!

  43. My Lily was one of the luckier girls to be invited to such an amazing birthday party, we blog about such talented decorators but Sharnel you constantly blow me away with your ideas and inspiration and you put it together with so much style. It could easily be mistaken for being a little over the top, but truthfully it was done so cleverly that the girls actually believed they were in a magical forest, where only giggly girls became special little fairies and spent the day in a magical land of unforgettable memories x

  44. Holy snappin duck poo, that is the MOST amazing party I've ever seen!! There is just too many elements I love to mention, you've really outdone yourself. I was quite happy with my party efforts last weekend, but I'd rather go to yours lol

    Leoni - Melbourne

  45. Goodness! Absolutely amazing Sharnel, your little one must be still on Cloud Nine after her special day. Leanne is so lucky to have been able to shoot for you!

  46. What an amazing party. Love your decorations. Even this ole GMaw would have fun at a party like that. May I share your ideas and decor with my daughter for her daughters birthday party? I know she will love it. Everything looked so enchanting and just drew me into the scene. I loved it. Thanks for posting it.

  47. Gorgeous, Sharnel! Not surprised in the slightest, though! :) The toadstools & butterfly balls are my absolute favourites xo

  48. how amazing. You should submit this gorgeous party to Kara's party ideas. I think it is better than some of the parties that have been showcased.

  49. Another fabulous birthday, Sharnel! I just had to pass it along.:-)


  50. Amazing! Wow alright! Would you do grown up birthday parties like this? Love the fine ATD (attention to detail)!

  51. Yes, I enjoyed it very nuch! What a FABULOUS party! What a lucky little girl :)

  52. i can't imagine the countless hours that went into making this party come true.

    there are so many incrediable details. all of it is just magical, brilliant, whimsy, & precious.

    you create & capture the magic of childhood in so many of your posts. you are a true inspiration to me.

    happy birthday to your little girl.

    now...i hope you have gotten some rest!

  53. What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday!

    Can you share where you found the drink dispensers?

    Just lovely!

  54. Oh my! What a wonderful party! Wow.

  55. Wow! I think this is one of the cutest, most enchanting birthday parties I've ever seen!

  56. Sharnel! The party is absolutely stunning and you did not leave a single detail out!! I always enjoy seeing all that you do. Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us!

  57. Just wonderful. Thank God you weren't in England or it would have rained all over your hard work!!

  58. I've just stumbled upon you and had to tell you how awed I am by this magical party for your daughter. Bravo doesn't even begin to describe it!!


  59. I was on vacation and missed this post! You did a wonderful job of love for your daughter's birthday... love all the details, Sharnel! They all look so happy...

  60. this is the cutest party ever!!!! You're so talented. What a lucky little girl!!

  61. I love this charming party! The way you included the little boy was so clever. What child wouldn't want to enter this magical forest where the deer and bunnies play? Congratulations on creating a truly enchanting event.

  62. I COULD JUST HUG YOU! This is the cutest party evs!!!! I love it! Everything is absolutely gorgeous and you can tell you put so much into it. Great job!

  63. i have stumbled upon this post via mammamoontime, and i am in awe of this beautiful party. just amazing!! the setting, the food, the costumes - the highlight for me was the bunny and the deer! where did they come from? my daughter would LOVE a bunny, but alas not permitted in queensland. thanks for sharing :)

  64. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. x


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