Friday, October 19, 2012

Baby Shower Dessert Table

One of my favourite customers asked me to create a gender neutral dessert table for her daughter-in-law's Baby Shower.

I love using beautiful serveware, cake stands and footed compotes and co-ordinating petite desserts with a floral centrepiece.  The look is fresh and timeless.  Just the way I like it.









Photography by Sharnel Dollar
Florals by Lillipollen
Petite Desserts by The Lemony Cupcake
Printables by Style Me Gorgeous
Macarons by Authentic Fresh Macarons

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fave find - Cake Plate Clings

cake plate clings by wh hostess - preppy patterns

Cake Plate Clings by WH Hostess

I'm really excited about this brand new product from WH Hostess.  I've got quite the collection of cake stands and the majority of them are the classic white variety.  Cake Plate Clings are used for decoration and are placed under the food to jazz up your dessert table.  They come in lots of vibrant colours and patterns and can also be personalised.

To view the entire range head over to the WH Hostess.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Friday flowers

friday flowers

image Sharnel Dollar

The best, easiest and cheapest way for me to cheer myself up is placing fresh blooms on my kitchen bench.  They certainly don't need to be expensive nor perfect.  They just need to be colourful, like these  perfect Ranunculus.  Did you know that Ranunculus means 'little frog" in Latin?  The name was given because of the wet conditions these flowers where often found in.  I can just imagine a little green frog between these beautifully formed petals.

Wishing you a relaxing and fun filled weekend.