Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Second tooth gone!

Yes, second one in five days. There will be a visit again tonight from the magical tooth fairy. Couldn't have happened at a better time. She lost the tooth literally 10 minutes before we left for school this morning and it's school photo day today!

Fairy door

Image by Sharnel Dollar for My Life My Loves


  1. I want a tooth fairy door - that is beyond adorable!

    How fast have those years gone when the Presh was just a bubby...

  2. Many more of those moments , you will get good use of the door ! I saw your last post & I have ordered one from the fairies for my daughter.
    Thanks again for your inspiration
    Karyn x

  3. I would be ripping my teeth out too if I had one of those doors!

  4. I'm still loving that fairy door.......

  5. Keep your teeth in your head! Not all wee doors lead to the tooth fairy.

  6. Great!! Where did you get the mail slot?? So cute!!

  7. Oh!!! I just saw this on pinterest. I love it!!


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