Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Leila's 1st Birthday

Childrens first birthdays are one of the big milestones parents love to celebrate.  Here are a few images of Leila's 1st Birthday, a celebration we were lucky to be apart of recently.

Cake and desserts by The Lemony Cupcake
Dessert table design and event styling by Sharnel Dollar Designs
Photography by KC Fotografie
Paperie by Loralee Lewis
Backdrop by Inviteme (to match existing paperie)


Dessert Table


Fragrant Vanilla Cupcakes


Simple, classic but breathtakingly beautiful.  Leila's birthday cake.


Crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside.  Just the way a macaron should be.


White Chocolate Mousse Pots


Refreshments Stand


Strawberry Milks


Leila's 1st year in photos


Table settings


If you would like us to make your next event extra special, don't hesitate in contacting Sharnel here.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life in a spin

The past two weeks have been far too busy for my liking and I'm looking forward to stepping on the merry-go-round for a week or so.
I'm totally in love with instagram at the moment so here is a look into the past two weeks of my life.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vintage Circus Wedding Dessert Table

I am pleased to share with you the dessert table I designed recently, themed around the movie Water for Elephants.  The bride requested a vintage circus themed dessert table in rich reds, chocolate brown, ivory, bronze and gold detailing.


Desserts and cake by The Lemony Cupcake.  Table design and styling by Sharnel Dollar Designs.
We make a great team!


Wedding Cake by The Lemony Cupcake

IMG_2596 copy

Chocolate Macarons, Lemon Meringue Tarts, Raspberry Tarts, Caramel Popcorn, Petite Cupcakes


Chocolate Macarons


Petite Cupcakes





Baileys Mud Truffle Cake Pops and Chocolate Tarts


Cranberry & Pistachio Slice and Choc Cherry Slice


Caramel Popcorn in handmade vintage style popcorn boxes

If you would like us to create your dream dessert table please contact Sharnel or Coby.  We would love to help you celebrate your special day with one of our delicious dessert tables.

Images by Sharnel Dollar

Friday, June 1, 2012

Vintage Circus backdrop

Creating interesting and theatrical backdrops isn't as hard and one would think.  I've just completed this backdrop in 40mins.  I still have to paint it, but the hard work is done.


This particular backdrop is for a vintage style circus wedding next weekend.  I'm going to paint the inside of the 'tent' black and I'm making carnival style lettering with fairy lights and paper mache block letters to sit in the middle of the table.

Materials needed:
MDF sheet (this one is 2m x 1m) approx 7mm thick
1.5m of Velvet (we used dance quality as it's a little more affordable than real velvet)
Tassel tie backs x 2
Heavy duty staple gun

Firstly I pleated the side panels and stapled to the top MDF board.  I folded the edges over the top and stapled to the back.  Do this on both sides.  Be sure to measure so the sides are even.  I've left some fabric at the bottom and will either arrange it messily on the table or cut off on site.  See what works on the day.

To complete the gathered billowy curtain at the top I centred the piece of fabric and stapled across the entire piece to the back of the board.  Next I measured the centre and started to gather, pleat and staple until I was happy with the way it looked.  I then played around with either end of that piece until I got the balloon effect and stapled in place.

Once you are happy with the way the curtain or tent is sitting you can then attach the tassels.  I'm really looking forward to sharing with you the finished table next weekend.  Coby from The Lemony Cupcake is in charge of all the delicious desserts and wedding cake!