Thursday, February 19, 2009

Presh in boots

I'm off to Sydney for the weekend (yay!) and thought I'd share an image of Olivia (Presh) and her new boots.
I know we are still feeling the heat here in Brisbane, but you know when you see a cute pair of boots you have to buy them then and there.  I got caught out last year and left it too late.
So far, the boots have been bike riding, to Bunnings and lawn mowing.  They are now back safe and sound in their box waiting for the cold weather to arrive.

Boots from CRoad
Image - Sharnel Dollar


  1. This is a great photo. I bet she looked uber stylish mowing the lawn in those boots.

    Have a fabulous weekend! xx

  2. gorgeous bootie's! they are so, so cute... it was great catching up with you over the week-end :)

  3. She looks adorable - red boots would sure put a spring in my step, xv.

  4. What a sweet little photo.. nothing beats a fabulous pair of boots especially red ones!


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