Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful bedroom

I just can't take my eyes off this bedroom. It's just too gorgeous for words.

Joe Nye ID

Love the fabric used on the window treatment. It's the same as used on this sidetable.

Picture 31

The same designer (Joe NYE Inc) is responsible for these perfect spaces too.

Picture 6

How sexy is that bar?

Picture 4-1

Images JoeNYEinc


  1. Very pretty. I can understand why it is one of your favorites. I love the little bench at the end of the bed.

  2. LOVE the touches of pink.

  3. That bar says "Betty Draper" all over it...I want a pink ice bucket now!

  4. I would do anything to have that bar table. I wonder where I can find one like it? *drools*

  5. Beautiful bedroom, so pleased to find your lovely blog. I scrolled down and I adore the birthday tea parties, my kids are too big to do that now.
    I'll definitely be a regular visitor here.

  6. I agree...his rooms are gorgeous! Thanks for your comment. I'm thinking of you too as it is not an easy journey...take care Ax

  7. Hello there. Any post with beds in it grabs my attention as its pretty much my favourite place to be :-) Lovely images. LB

  8. I'm with you Sharnel, I can't take my eyes off that gorgeous bedroom.
    Happy weekend.
    Lisa x

  9. You are a beautiful home decorator and have great taste (like me ;) there is a lovely 'little' place further east which would love to be your new home I am sure. I can totally see you and your touch there!


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