Thursday, March 18, 2010

Midnight ramblings

I've joked with my husband and friends over the past fews days and suggested that if I ever over commit myself again, like I have this week, please flick my eyes with a plastic spoon.
So here I am, sitting on the lounge at precisely 12.15am waiting for the last cake to bake, drooling over Phoebe Howards portfolio and listening to the Skirted Round Table.
Anyhoo ......... I'd like to share with you some of Phoebe's interiors that I love.

I love how this room is bright and fresh whilst relaxing at the same time. Gorgeous use of colour.

I adore little havens like this one. Perfect place to hide or take a mini break during the day. I'm currently working on creating a space like this in our bedroom at present. Can't wait to show you the finished product. I'm working with one of my favourite designers!

This pinky/peachy colour is one of my favourites.


Phoebe is the queen of twin beds in my opinion. No one does it like her.


Really digging this balustrade. The natural "tree stump" table is great too. I'm sure there is a proper word for the table, let me know if you know it.


She just gets it hey?


Guest bedroom perfection.


Nothing like a bit of Hollywood Regency to sexy up your reading material.


  1. Oooh I LOVE these images, so many gorgeous ideas. Off to check out the rest of her portfolio. Have yourself an absolutely stunning weekend my beautiful friend, try and rest up a little, if you can xx

  2. beautiful photos - i may just have to blog about that top one too! sometimes it is hard to say no to requests.....i sometimes find myself cooking and folding washing in the wee hours.....!!! Can't wait to see the bedroom. KG

  3. At the same time you were baking a cake, I was eating one at a wedding. Well 'eating' as in 'tasting' and then looking for a man tipsy enough to eat the rest of it as I had critiqued it silently and decided I wasnt going to use up all those calories on cakes inferior to the likes of yours and mine!

    The downside of loving to bake, the late night baking and nothing else being good enough.

    Hope you get some rest this weekend :)

  4. Sharnel,
    I too am a devotee of Phoebe Howard,spend many hours gazing at her beautiful interiors,
    she just gets it everytime,and I have had the please of shopping at Max and Mrs Howards in Jacksonville Florida,I was in heaven.Mrs Howard certainly has a fan base in Australia

  5. How gorgeous are these images? Love all of them, but that die for. Can't wait to see what your newly decorated bedroom looks like, if the rest of your home is any indication it will of course be amazing.
    Have a great (and hopefully relaxing) weekend,
    Kerri x

  6. Love the last image of the bookcase. Anyone know where one might find a similar one? It is fantastic.


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