Friday, May 7, 2010

What it's all about

So, what will you be doing this Sunday? Me, well hopefully I'll be able to sleep here a little longer than usual

Picture 29

While the kids are busy preparing in the kitchen


Then, I'll dish out lots of these

model and child

and spend the rest of the day in the sunshine with my little family


Image 1 A Beach Cottage Image 2 Paul Costello Image 3 image source unknown Image 4 Paul Costello


  1. Hi - it made me smile to read this post - it's so similar to the sentiments I have and posted about today! The pictures say it perfectly! LB x

  2. I love that first photo. Those cases used as a bedside table are wonderful!

  3. Gorgeous - Isn't Mother's Day just so delicious ? Even the anticipation of it is lovely (for the kids too it seems ??). Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow Sharnel x Kate

  4. Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow Sharnel! It's a little overcast here in Hong Kong so no days out in the sunshine for us. Hopefully it will clear by tomorrow (fingers crossed)!

  5. I do hope you'll put some pants on though! Haha!


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