Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Peekaboo Magazine - Circus Party

Here is the Circus Party I put together recently for Peekaboo Magazine.

page 1 peekaboo magazine

page 2 peekaboo magazine

Thank you to the wonderful suppliers and retailers that helped out with product for the shoot.


  1. WOW, this is fabulous Sharnel. Love the colours, love the giant balloons and the circus tent favour boxes.

    And is that gorgeous little Olivia I spy there with one of those very sought after glass bottles. She is such a cutie :)

    Would love to know when your online store is up and running :)


  2. Looks fantastic Sharnel! Oh, if only my kids were younger, I'd have you around to organise a party or three! So glad to see you're on the mend - my eldest daughter had burst appendix when she was eleven so I know how nasty they can be. Welcome back! K xx

  3. What fun! I've been waiting to see what fabulous things you did for this magazine shoot. Awesome job!! I'd love to see a close up of the whole table. Everything looks wonderful! You'll need to hire someone soon to start answering all the calls and e-mails once this hits all the stands!
    Someday I'll get to say... "I knew her before she was famous!"

  4. Thank you so much for posting this! No one knows when I will get my hands on a copy of this mag - they are running out everywhere (its features like this which would be the reason why)

    Photos look great and I love the laughing clowns and the cupcakes, and the bottles, and the spoons. - Well everything really.

    And I agree with Glory, just dont forget the little people :)


  5. Wow - this looks amazing! well done! KG

  6. Gorgeous Sharnel.. as always. Fabulous party idea xx

  7. Well, my darling, I am SO over the moon for you. It looks brilliant. Now what to do for Jeremiah's birthday party in 11 days, as you have just used all of my um 'unique' ideas, when were you in my head, or was I in yours? Off to implement plan B I think. Go you, your future looks super bright! xx

  8. oh this is ADORABLE sharnel...LOVE it SO much. the photography is so amazing. i want to know about the ice cream cups and spoons...is that just a scoop of ice cream with chocolate drizzle?

  9. YEs Jen, it's just ice cream with what we call Choc Ice in Aussie. It sets hard. The spoons are wooden or bamboo and I stamped eat me on the handles.
    The cups are amazing. The are by Paper Eskimo and I know that Bake it Pretty stocks them in the States.

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. SO many things went wrong (beyond my control) so I wasn't entirely happy with the end result, but you do have to work with what you have!

  10. Beautiful Sharnel - what more can I say - just perfect! Leanne xx

  11. This is AMAZING, fantastic job Sharnel, I love the ideas and colours. Move over Amy Atlas lol

  12. So it was you who put that amazing shoot together! Just found your blog through Daneve at Ah-Tissue and I love it! I should be vacuuming but I just can't draw myself away. The floors will just have to wait... LOL. Christine xo


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