Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hanging for Halloween

This year will be the first time we celebrate Halloween in our house. We are planning on inviting six families around for a BBQ and halloween hunt in the back yard once the sun has gone down.

So I've been on the hunt for some haunting halloween inspiration and I didn't need to look far. Two of my favourite blogging gals - Glory from Glorious Treats and Kim from The TomKat Studio teamed up to create this spooky sweets station!

KIm- whole table (square)

Kim- cookes

Halloween collage 1

For more devilish details click here and here.

Just my luck, I'll be spending two weeks leading up to Halloween in the States visiting Glory in San Fran, Brooke Gianetti in Santa Monica and Kate Landers in NYC! Look out girls, here I come!


  1. I am fondly remembering the Halloween bashes that I used to throw..complete with costume parades and jack-o-lantern carving competitins. It is SO my favourite holiday. You will not believe the stuff they have for thie holiday in the US. When do you leave. Are you taking O&W and hubby?

  2. I love dessert tables like this! I am trying to plan one for a shower coming up! I hope it looks good!

  3. Hi, I can't believe it already time to think about Halloween. It feel like I've just stopped preparing last year's. I like the ideas, I think I will try to make the cookies, they look great.
    Anna @ Around My Table

  4. Sharnell, as usual this looks devine! What I really want to know is, what time should I be there for the party?


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