Monday, June 13, 2011

Roses (are they difficult to grow?)

Hi everyone, how was your weekend? Mine was lovely and long. Got lots done around the house and started making props for two very special birthday parties coming up in July.

I did take some time to smell the roses. And what beautiful roses they were.


On Thursday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to a friends home and she offered for me and another friend to cut our very own roses! These all came from one garden! I haven't stopped staring at them and smelling them all weekend.

I've now got this crazy notion that I may even start my own little rose garden. Are any of my readers rose gardeners? Are they hard to grow and look after? Any information would be much appreciated.

roses 4

All images Sharnel Dollar


  1. WOW they are truly gorgeous Sharnel. They are so pretty it makes me want to grow a rose garden too!! But, unfortunataly I cant even grow a herb garden. LOL! Goodluck! xx

  2. I used to have a lovely rose garden pre kids. Brisbane is not great weather for them, too much black spot. But if you have the time and can spray (chemicals or natural) a lot it can work. I used to have vases of roses, now I just have a front yard of scraggly bushes. If you do get some David Austin roses are a must.

  3. Oh love home ground roses...! We have roses, apparently they are original bushes from ascot railway so have some age on them and alias on their last legs. I'd love to say I look after them but all credit goes to the gardner. I think the key is to be quite ruthless with trimming them and fertilizing them at the right time of year. Somedays we are lucky to have twigs left then a few weeks later, beautiful fragrant roses. Good luck. There's nothing more divine then walking into your kitchen smelling the roses!

  4. I love roses too - they are very easy to grow further South and seem to thrive on neglect. You need to plant them bare rooted in Winter (you can buy them online and have them shipped to you), and feed them regularly with rose food, mulch well and have good supply of ladybugs to eat the aphids (or a commercial spray every now and again will do the same thing)! I like David Austin roses the best, or some of the older varieties, like Pierre de Ronsard.

  5. I am a big rose lover and have grown them in Brisbane for years without any problems. They don't need as much attention as what people make out. Just tip prune the dead flowers off when they are done and give it one good prune in June. Now is the time to be planting bare root roses too. Enjoy, I love having fresh cut roses in my house.

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    I had a lot of fun putting it together maybe you would like to check it out if you have a spare minute.

  7. I had a rose garden in victoria and have had to adjust a few things to grow in Brisbane but they grow just fine up here. My tip is feed them about 3 or 4 times a year here in brisbane, dont water the leaves only at the base (helps stop disease) trim so air gets thru again to help stop disease you can use a chemical spray or you can use a mix of eco oil, eco carb & eco seaweed for a natural spray and yes dead head them for more blooms, but cut at the start of a new shoot.

  8. Hi Sharnel, Your house would look lovely with garden roses - inside and out! I grow mostly old fashioned roses - my all time favs are climbing Pierre de Ronsard (palest pink with pale green centre) and Julias Rose - a pink/beige coloured tea rose that is soooo stylish.
    I would reccommend David Austin and Delbard roses. Good luck


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