Friday, March 30, 2012

Beautiful interiors

Recently I teamed up with The Brown Trading Co. and Verandah House to photograph TBTC's latest range of cushions.

I wanted to share with you my three favourites from the day.




If you are in the market for an amazing interior designer than look no further than Judy Elliot from Verandah House. Judy is currently giving my home a freshen up and I'm totally in love with everything she has shown me. Not only do I think she is the best in the business, she isn't ridiculous in her pricing either. Judy knows how to achieve a high end look without the sting of a high end price.

Do you love the cushions you see here? Well good 'cause you can purchase them directly from The Brown Trading Co.'s brand spanking new website!


  1. Beautiful photos and styling. Loving the cushions.

  2. Just gorgeous Sharnel - photographs are wonderful and it all looks so fresh and inviting! Think I need Judy to visit me and a trip to Keren's website xx leanne x

  3. Amazing work Sharnel. Crisp white walls, pink roses and navy cushions, mixed in with some beautiful Queensland sunshine streaming through the windows.... I think I am in heaven :)

  4. Ooooo what gorgeous photos! Love!

  5. Just stopped by and saw this lovely comment, thank you so much xx

  6. Amazing styling!!!!! Great props, love it!

  7. Stunning photos - love your styling. Am very interested to read that you are getting Judy to update your house - what could you do to improve it - it's so lovely already. Looking forward to seeing the results.

  8. This is so stunning. Karen is amazing. Judy is amazing......ok and so are you Sharnel xx Simone


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