Saturday, December 1, 2012

Kids Cubby Houses

I'm doing some dream shopping/browsing and I thought I would share with you what I would get our children for Christmas if my husband agreed with me.  For some reason he doesn't think our kids would use a cubby house.  I think they would go crazy for one personally, but you do need to agree on these things don't you?


Jack's Cubby House


Alice "Tudor" style cubby house


I would complete the cubby with chairs and table and gourmet kitchen


a nice comfy sofa with storage


and one of these would look kinda spunky sitting outside.

All of these amazing cubbies, furniture and toys are available from Hip Kids.


  1. Same conversation going on in our house! My new line is . . . .gosh won't it be very sad when the children grow up and say 'Dad . . .I wish we had a really amazing cubby when we were young.' It's currently still not working. lovT

  2. this is pretty cool..a great present for my kids for Christmas and i am sure they would really love it..

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