Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday favourites

Thought I'd share some images that have captured my imagination this week. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Image 1 - Anna Spiro's home via In My House via Content Agency Image 2 - Among the Hedgerows flickr, Image 3 - Mandy Lynne flickr, Image 5 - unknown, Image 4 - Windsor Smith via HB via Oliveaux, Image 6 - Rebecca Tabor Armstrong via Mary Ruffle, Image 7 - unknown, Image 8 - Photography by james waddell for domino magazine november 2008 via This is Glamorous


  1. You and I are having similar weeks, Sharnel!
    I saved all of the images on Anna's site in my inspiration folder.
    Windsor Smith's home took my breath away when I received my House Beautiful this month. Love the white and grey bathroom. So gorgeous!


  2. Oh beautiful! Love the bicycle with the basket full of colourful goodies.


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