Sunday, August 9, 2009

House tour :: Part 2 :: Guest Bedroom and Ensuite

Welcome to my second home tour :: guest bedroom and ensuite. Thank you for the warm response you gave my first home tour post. Your comments were very much appreciated.

At little background about this room. Being the guest room, this was one of the rooms I decided we could scale back with regards to budget. We reused our master bedroom furniture in this room and added a wing back chair, side table, new lamps, new bedding and cushions and gorgeous ticking drapes. All of these items where selected by Anna at Black & Spiro. The lovely original oil paintings on the bedsides are by Canadian artist Janet Hill. I love her work and have my fair share of her work hanging here.

I've moved on from the style of furniture we reused and will most likely paint the bedside tables and might have an upholstered bedhead made down the track. But in saying that, I am very pleased with the result and it certainly has proven popular with our overnight guests.

The light that streams into this room is just beautiful. It is on the ground level and just to the right of the front door. It is our kitties favourite place to lay in the sun. There is also a little landing off the french doors which I'm searching for an old chair and table set to place there.

I adore the powder room. It houses a larger shower & WC. When selecting pieces for this room, Anna certainly converted me into being a "furniture in bathroom" lover. I find all too often that bathrooms are stark and not warm and welcoming. We visited the New Farm Antique together and purchased the wot not stand. I wasn't entirely convinced at first, but after it was painted I was in heaven. I just love it!
I also think the old display cabinet Anna found on eBay is a gem. We had a piece of mirrored glass placed in the front door and painted it white. It's the perfect medicine cabinet. It has loads of character and charm.

I found the little old barley twist stool on eBay and had it upholstered in a fabric Anna selected. There was just enough fabric left over to make two little scatter cushions that now sit on the guest bed.

And last but not least, I always 'try' to have a little posy of flowers in the powder room. It certainly makes you feel cheery when you walk in!

Hope you have enjoyed my second home tour.


  1. What a beautiful room - I can see why your overnight guests love it. The powder room is divine - I love it when people think outside the square and create something that's both beautiful and unique. I'm probably being greedy but would love to see more of your gorgeous house. Leigh

  2. It looks beautiful Sharnel! Love the Janet Hill pieces - they look perfect in this room x

  3. You and Anna created stunning guest bedroom and powder room. It's so exciting to see American influenced designs in Brisbane more and more often. So personal and unique.
    Love it.

  4. Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!
    I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful Home.
    I especially love the fabric used for the stool and cushions.

  5. Stunning Sharnel! - the tiling in your guest bathroom is to die for - what I have picked for my bathroom when it is finally 'made over' xx

  6. Oh wow, this is gorgeous, you must have people fighting to come and stay with you!!

    Love that chair and those tiles are amazing.....wonderful design.

  7. Beautiful! Kuddos to Anna too. The bath is incredible, very impressed!

    Lovely blog :D

  8. Ooohh my room, it's my room and I love it...hehehe!

  9. I'm so pleased that my paintings have found such a beautiful home! Sooooo lovely. I particularly like the bathroom and the tiles. Great job!

  10. Your guest bedroom is great.
    I really love the decoration.
    Jamison Mattress

  11. Nice Blog!! Spacify is one of the Bedroom Furniture Stores which has huge collections of Bedroom Furniture.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! I love that print on the little stool!

  13. I love the barley twist stool and the fabric you chose - great post!


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