Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Freshly picked

I've said before how much satisfaction I get from picking flowers from my own garden. This time last year my hydrangeas looked like this

one of my fave flowers

and this morning I picked my first hydrangea stems and I placed them in our ensuite bathroom. I love them!

:: sweet indulgence ::

Oh what a difference a year makes in a young garden. And how indulgent it feels to have fresh flowers in my bathroom. I feel spoilt. What makes you feel spoilt?

:: bathroom beauties ::


  1. You sound so spoilt!!!! wow!! Those look lovely..

  2. The flowers perfectly match your bathroom accessories. Don't you just love the way simple things like flowers can put a smile on your face all day.

  3. See beautiful things, especialy flowers, make me feel spoilt! Here in Brazil we have a really big flower market. it sells flowers to the flowers stores (in my blog I have some pics ). Now we are in the spring time here and I go there every single week. Just to see. Just to feel myself spoilt!
    Your flowers in that little rose vase are stunning! be proud!!

  4. Fresh flowers make every room feel special. It is almost winter here, so seeing beautiful flowers from your garden warmed me right up!

  5. these are my favorite flowers! i have conviced 2 of my friends to use them at their weddings, love!

  6. My gosh. They are so beautiful. I wish I had Hydrangeas - they remind me of my long ago passed Ma..all of us grandkids remember them except for the boys lol.

  7. Oh Sharnel, my hyd's look like the first photo. I am so upset as I have had them a few years now....maybe, hopefully one day they will look like ours now.

  8. I just love fresh flowers...they make me smile.

  9. i absolutely LOVE hydrangeas. they are one of my fave flowers. these are lovely. truly lovely. beautiful.

    i'm so glad you commented on my blog. i'm so excited to meet the woman behind part of the birthday inspiration - the lollipop workshop doll on your daughter's cake.

    loving your blog. i will be checking in often.
    so nice to meet you.


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