Friday, November 13, 2009

Packaging ideas for Christmas treats

Amanda from Swish and Swanky suggested I share some ideas and resources for presenting your yummy homebaked treats in this Christmas.
Iced Cookie Boxes $12.99 for 6 from Martha Stewart Crafts

Picture 10

Tall Goodie Boxes $12.99 for 6 from Martha Stewart Crafts

Picture 7

Similar Noodle Boxes $8.80 for 25 from The Packaging Place


Set of six treat boxes for $4.75/$5.75 from Bake it Pretty

Picture 14
Red spot cake tins on eBay. Don't forget to line with a matching tea towel or co-ordinating tissue paper.

Picture 6
Burken Jar $3.99 from Ikea

Picture 12

Aspen Jar $29.95 from Brown Button Trading

Then tie a ribbon with a pretty ribbon. There are so many places to find gorgeous ribbons ...


Ribbons Galore


Details, Details

Last year I made these Cookie Jars as gifts (I used the Ikea jars). I filled them with dry Cookie premix and tied a cookie cutter to the lid. I also made up directions for how to mix, bake and decorate. They were a hit. A wonderful activity for children to do with Mum or Dad during the holidays.

Christmas Love with Cookie Mix

Hope I've inspired you to start your Christmas baking!


  1. Just loved these ideas!!!!
    Unfortunately I'm so far to buy them...(I'm from Brazil)

  2. Oh, you're a gem! Thank you so much Sharnel! Does Martha ship to Australia?

    Can't wait to see more of your yummy treats. You're my go to girl for recipes this Christmas.

    x Amanda

  3. She sure does Amanada. Shipping is expensive though. But it's worth it I think. The boxes are gorgeous. I have three different designs from two years ago. Including the iced cookie one!
    Stay tuned for more homebaked goodness!

  4. Thanks Sharnel - just beautiful. Now I just need to be able to make my baking look as beautiful as yours! Any tips on some simple cookies that look great and don't need too much decoration (I find that is where I sometime fall down!!) Ta Leanne

  5. I loved this post! Can't wait to see some more recipe and packaging ideas from you!!!


  6. Hi Sharnel, I love your blog and I have just nominated you for a Kreativ Blog award head over to get your logo. Love the cookie premix idea!

  7. Hi Sharnel I have just nominated you for a Kreativ Blog award head over to get your logo. Love the cookie premix idea!!

  8. I'm so glad you are all enjoyed my baking posts!

  9. Last year I used the red and white Martha boxes for presents too! I just added some really beautiful ribbon. They matched perfectly with my red and white wrapping theme.


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