Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Cookie Mix Jars

Reindeer Cookie Jars

A few months back I fell in love with these cookie mix jars Bakerella made and knew straight away that I wanted to make them for Christmas.
I showed a friend of mine (Leanne) and she fell in love instantly too. Leanne took the gorgeous photos of Olivia's birthday party earlier this year.

Cookie Jar labels

We sourced some jars locally, Leanne created the gorgeous labels and we used fabric and twine from my stash. The major hurdle to overcome was getting the MM's. Luckily I have a very generous friend in the USA that shipped them to me. For those of us in Australia, Mars decided in their wisdom, not to produce the Christmas coloured packs of MM's this year. So your options are to get a friend to send them from the States or to pick through the normal packs of MM's. Good times!

Reindeer cookie jars

If I were to make these again (and I most likely will) I would only put half the amount of flour in the bottom of the jar and then place the remainder on the top to even the layers out.

I'm in the middle of gifting these to teachers, neighbours, friends and family and I must say the response has been lovely.


  1. Beautiful as always Sharnel! Have a lovely weekend.
    Leanne xx

  2. absolutely adorable! i'm doing some jars of honey cinnamon butter to give out but this is great too!

  3. We have plans to make our jar of goodness on Christmas Eve...yummy! Thanks Sharnel, Merry Christmas!

  4. You made lovely jars I made some jars for my marmelades last winter. Also I am following your lovely blog from Turkey and I love your style.

  5. What a cute idea! Love your new header too! Tracey xx

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by.
    Tracey, glad you love the header. It's such a lovely image, makes me smile!

  7. These look great ~ I did a few of them a couple of years ago but this one is so colorful and fun!

  8. Sharnel, I've just been shopping in Paris and the supermarket has versions of these... reminded me of yours... and thought Damn it !! Why didn't we think to team up and market that !!! I'll try to get a photo and show you. Of course they are not as pretty as yours. Job well done hon xx


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