Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fab Find: dixie cups and lanterns

I'm sure these new designs from Robert Gordon Australia will be oohh'd and aaahhh'd over when they hit the shelves.

I can just imagine a girlie garden soiree with these pretty lanterns hanging from the branches. And of course, matching fans to help stay cool.

Picture 5

Picture 4

I've long admired this Ice Cream themed Baby Shower designed my Jordan at Polka Dot Prints. I thought these new dixie cups (also by Robert Gordon) would tie in perfectly.

Picture 6

Available at: The Cupcake Courier


  1. Those go beyond fab finds, can imagine those at a party!!!

  2. Super cute. I am so excited to start planning my daughters 1st birthday!

  3. Oh I love Robert Gordon's wares!

    And they just keep getting better. Thanks for the heads up!

  4. LOVE these, especially those lanterns x

  5. Cuteness as far as the eye can see.....thanks for sharing Sharnel. Meredy xo.

  6. Thanks Sharnel! xo These would have totally matched the shower! Where were you four months ago Robert Gordon?!

  7. OMG.
    I'm drooling over every one of your posts.
    Thanks so much for sharing all your bloggy bits and pieces!
    I'm looking forward to going back thru your pages.

    Have a happy day. xx Amy

  8. No hurry on the x benches - Don't worry! Hope all goes well with the party, can't wait to see it all in pics. Found the prefect mushrooms for you and went to send you the link but they are all sold out! (maybe you bought them all........!!!!) KG


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