Friday, July 9, 2010

Feeling a little blue

Both Olivia and I have tonsillitis for the second time in two weeks, so I'm feeling a little under the weather. I'm hocked up to the eyeballs in pain killers at present watching Barbie Maraposa. I know, it's sounds fun doesn't it.

Here are some cupcakes I whipped up last night. I thought you all might enjoy one!

blue petal cupcakes

Have a wonderful weekend.

Image by me


  1. Aww.. hope you both feel better soon!

    Do you mind if I asked what you used to make those lovely blue flowers on top of the cupcakes? I am organising my daughters 2nd bday and have settled on baby blue as our theme colour (inspired by the sambellina party plates!) These cupcakes would fit in perfectly :o)

  2. Jess,
    I cut out four rose petal shapes using coloured fondant and a cutter. I then placed the petals on a foam board and used a balling tool to shape the petals and thin them out a little. Using some sugar glue i stuck the petals together.
    Hope that helps.

  3. A speedy recovery to both of you!

  4. They are so pretty! I bet they tasted gorgeous too!

  5. Sorry to hear Sharnel. Awesome cupcakes though, and I love the photo :) Hope you feel better soon. Oh, and enjoy Barbie! xo

  6. You are one talented lady if you are creating beautiful creations like that while sick!!

  7. Gorgeous cupcake, but I hope you are resting up this weekend. You don't want to get even more sick, too much to do this month!

  8. I'm hungry !! I'm off to Laduree in Paris to have one of their Made in France new cupcakes... want to swap one for one ??

  9. You're sick and you can still whip up such divine cupcakes?

  10. this is so pretty, im gonna cry....

  11. Oh you poor thing. Sounds nasty having to take so much pain relief. Hope you are feeling better now!

    Am new here, but totally impressed with your cupcakes! And the fact that you made them not feeling 100% I can only imagine the perfection you can cook up when entirely well!

    Ok, am off to explore more now.

    Have a great week and hope you are well.

    x Charlotta

  12. So talented...your parties are just stunning. And those cupcakes are making me hungry! time for some lunch i think.

  13. Oh honey, sorry to hear you and your precious Princess have not been well. I hope the rest (and the pain killers) are seeing you both feeling better today. Sending some get well soon love your way, for both of you. xx

  14. hope you both have a quick recovery.

    may i also say, your blog is such treasure! i am also a fan on your fb page. your party creations just sing to my heart with all sorts of squeals! and that new betty blue & you...DARLING!

    many well wishes.

  15. Ooooh YUMMMY!!!
    Thank you ;)
    Hope you & Olivia feel better soon xo

  16. Hi Sharnel, You have a BEAUTIFUL blog! Everything on it is gorgeous too of course! Do you have any tips for beginner bloggers?? I'm almost too embarrassed by mine for you to look at, so don't feel as though you have to! But if you have any tips you would like to share I would be more than appreciative. All this blogging takes me ages, because I just don't know what I'm doing.
    Many Thanks
    PS- e-mail:


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