Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Winner announced

and the winner is

Anna's entry - "My mum usually made us 'clock' cakes... round chocolate cakes with smarties and cachous telling the time (our age). It was great because you could easily tell what birthday it was in the photos. I remember that when I turned 12 I had a big party so she made a whole grandfather clock so there would be enough cake! I also remember a Dolly Varden cake when I turned 6 and we lived in England. It was a really pretty doll, but the cake tasted like sand. My favourite cake is a pumpkin fruit cake with lemon icing, and Mum made me that for my 18th and 21st. She's a good Mum!"

Anna please shoot me an email with your address details and I will get your prize to you pronto. My email address is sharnel@sharneldollardesigns.com.au

Thank you to everyone for entering!


  1. Congratulations to Anna! I love her entry!

  2. Oh my goodness! It's me! Unless there's something surreal going on... will email you straight away!

  3. congrats anna. Enjoy!

  4. This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! we are an event blog and this is seriously inspiring!!!! we follow your blog now! come check us out too!
    LOVE this! I'm sharing on our facebook page too!

  5. This party is stunning! All of the details were beautifully brought to life! Congratulations on the Amy Atlas feature!


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