Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Happy Spring to those Down Under

1st September marks a significant and much loved season for those of us living in the Southern Hemisphere. I really do love winter or what we call winter, because to be honest we are pretty soft here in Brisbane. We don't get a 'true' winter here at all.

But spring to me is such a beautiful season. Flowers are starting to bloom, the smell of jasmine is in the air and we spend much of our time outdoors.

I thought I would repost some images of a dessert table I designed this time last year for the Spring Racing Carnival. Hope you enjoy the images beautiful captured by Naomi V Photography.

IMG_6762 Edit

Concept and design by Sharnel Dollar Designs.


Stunning footed bowl are available here.


These beautiful square cake stands are available for purchase here.



Cupcakes made by me. Style Me Gorgeous designed the horse silhouette and I printed it onto edible imaging fondant sheets.



Style Me Gorgeous designed the chocolate bar wrappers and thebackdrop especially for this event.



If you would like help creating a fabulous party of your own contact me about our event styling services. You can also purchase many items I use in my parties here.


  1. yay!
    happy spring day to us!

    Although we have been spoilt in Melbourne with a ridiculously mild winter (not as mild as yours though!) but there have been many sunny August days and less of the bitterly cold "I really need my cashmere coat to walk down Collins St" kind of evenings. Having said that, I love the changing of the seasons, and spring just brings with it a lot of anticipation for summer, beach and Christmas festivities. This is a gorgeous buffet table - adore the happy pink and yellow colours you chose.

  2. Perfect Sgarnel for this first and most beautiful day of Spring.

  3. Well now I'm just jealous because 1st September over here means autumn is upon us and we didn't even have decent summer - far too much rain! Hope you have a lovely spring though. It's such a positive time of year.

  4. Beautifully captured specially the yellow roses.

    Cassy from Beginner Free Guitar Lessons

  5. Love the bold, bright colors -- perfect for spring!

  6. Love it Sharnel! Happy Spring Carnival season to you!


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