Saturday, October 1, 2011

{Tutorial} How to build a riser for your dessert table

When designing a dessert table one of the most important things to consider is height. One of the ways to achieve varying heights is by using risers. Risers come in many forms including cake stands, crates, mini suitcases, gift boxes etc. One of my favourite risers to make and use on my dessert tables is a polystyrene block covered in either cardstock, wrapping paper or fabric.

Today I'm going to show you how I cover mine using custom designed cardstock. You are use any type of card however, including many beautiful scrapbooking papers.

What you will need:

Polystyrene blocks cut to size (these are commonly known at cake dummies). I purchase mine from Kool Foam (custom cut) or any cake supply store or Spotlight will have them too.


Cutting Mat

Craft knife

Metal ruler

Spray adhesive



Turn your cardstock so the print is facing down and trace the shape of your foam block. Trace the top and all four sides.


Using your craft knife and ruler cut along the lines. Do this for all five pieces.


This is what you will end up with. You will now need to spray the blank side of your cardstock with spray adhesive. Do this in a well ventilated area. I use repositional spray adhesive which is easy to remove and position again.


Match all sides and press firmly onto the foam block. Using your craft knife make trim any overhanging pieces.


This is the finished product.

I used the same technique here for the Oprah hosted Baby Shower. Style Me Gorgeous designed a lovely soft quilted pattern for this event.



The same principle was used here in this carnival inspired table. This time I used colourful entry tickets to cover the round cake dummy.

Carnival 1

Images by Naomi V Photography


And finally here I used a lovely gold linen fabric trimmed with ribbon.


Image by Naomi V Photography


  1. Great tutorial Sharnel! Can I ask where do you buy your cake dummies from?

  2. Very cute! Thanks for sharing. I will be using this idea for Thanksgiving :)

  3. I also shared this on pinterest :)

  4. Great tutorial Sharnel - thank you! I particularly like the carnival theme with the entry tickets covering the rise - really sweet!

  5. You're so creative. I especially love the entry tickets.

  6. awesome idea! :) im kicking myself for tossing out my polystyrene blocks last week!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing, you are very creative Sharnel!

    Tiffany x

  8. Fabulous idea! Now I have more to buy from my local architectural polystyrene supply!

  9. Thanks for sharing Sharnel! Was great meeting u at the Adore Home party! I'm going to try covering a 'riser' next week. Bet your kids have come home w great stories. LovT

  10. Great tutorial Sharnel! A bit of height is so important to a good dessert table :)
    Abbey x

  11. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks of the trade. Love to see more of this.


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