Monday, December 26, 2011

How we celebrated Christmas Day

Here is a little peek into how we celebrated Christmas this year. It was just the four of us so we opted for casual fun!

Christmas Day

The kids woke at 5.45am and managed to play with Santa's presents until 7am then we all gathered around the tree and exchanged gifts.

Our lunch was very relaxed. Ham, moreton bay bugs and salads. Dessert was so delicious, a simple banoffee trifle.

How did you celebrate the day?


  1. Looks and sounds wonderfully happy, colorful, relaxed, summery and full of the most important things, family and food! Ours started out ok until I sat down to lunch and was overcome with nausea, so spent the next 24 hrs in bed with a tummy bug caught fom the kids. Not my best Christmas ever! Love your photos. Wishing you and your beautiful family a joyful new year! Xo

  2. Hi Sharnel,
    What program do you use to edit and decorate your photos. They always look amazing.

  3. Hi Cathy
    I use photoshop. Thank you for the lovely compliment.
    Kindest regards

  4. hiYour christmas is very funny and colorful...happy new year from raffa from italy

  5. Hey Sharnel,
    Your day looked PERFECT! I love the colours and I love the relaxation & intimacy of your day with just your family....bliss! How did we celebrate? I blogged about it here:
    Merry Christmas Sharnel to you & your gorgeous family! xx


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