Monday, June 29, 2009

I heart : Twin beds

When Anna from ABT and I started planning our home 18 months ago, one of the first things she suggested was placing two beds in my daugther's room. She said it looks beautiful and she was spot on. I am so glad I took her advice.
I don't have a photo of Olivia's room to share with you today, but I will soon I promise. Instead, here are eight rooms I think are just perfect. The twin beds just balance the room perfectly.
Whilst it's not a cheap exercise having to purchase two of everything, it certainly does give impact to a room.
So if you have the space and budget I think twin beds are the way to go. Great for sleep overs or the ever fun game of musical beds at 2am.

Can imagine this one at the Lake House

Boys heaven

I could move right in and stay for a month

Brooke's magical touch. I love her work.

Guest room perfection, I adore the bedheads

Image 1 unknown Image 2 Unknown Image 3 Unknown Image 4 Kristen Buckingham Image 5 Better Homes & Gardens via This is Glamorous via Apartment Therapy Image 6 Giannetti Interiors Image 7 Unknown Image 8 Unknown Image 9 James Michael Howard

Note: Please, if you know where any of the above images originated, please let me know so i can credit them. Many thanks.


  1. These are utterly fantastic. I grew up with a trundle bed, so I definitely understand the practicality behind having two mattresses in a kid's room. Plus these are simply beautiful.

  2. I love the 2 single bed thing. I have them in a spare room upstairs. I have 2 mismatched vintage chenilles on them with scatter cushions. Cant wait to see Olivia's. Your in good hands with Anna.

  3. I love all that symmetry. The second and third photos are two of my favourites. My kids have always spent a lot of time jumping from bed to bed - all fun and games until someone jumps too far or not far enough!
    Clare x

  4. I'm so in love with all these rooms, gorgeous post xx

  5. Love these. I think the boys' heaven is my favorite. It's so hard to design a great looking boy's room.
    Thank you for including my guest room. I just got my burlap bedskirts. I'll post the finished room next week!

  6. awhh so cute!!! i wish i had a twin sibling right now. rofl

  7. Hi Sharnel, I adore the his & hers kids room. I had to tweet about it I thought it was so fab. Oh and those bedheads....totally agree!!!!


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