Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Party planning

While we are on the topic of Olivia, I'm right in the thick of organising her 5th Birthday Party.  I cannot even start to explain how much I love throwing kids parties.  I live for it.  
So here is the inspiration board for her party.  The theme is based around a colour palette of pinks, raspberry red and white.  Spots also play a strong feature.

Decorations - tissue paper pom poms from Martha Stewart (FYI she's my sister from another mother).
Invitations - pink spotted gift cards from Specklefarm with white grosgrain bow on front.
Table cloths - electic mix of spotted fabrics from eBay.  I'm in the throws of sewing these as I type.
Cake Topper - custom topper being handcrafted by lollipop workshop.
Party Favours - i'm making little fabric bags and filling them with a pink spotted notebook, pencils and eraser all from Specklefarm.
Entertainment - Princess Shahara.  She's teaching the girls arabian princess dancing, should be cute to watch!
Candy Buffet - i'm hoping to create something remotely similar to the images below.  Amy Atlas is amazing!

Image 2 via Amy Atlas


  1. I love your inspiration Sharnel! Pink and red are one of my fave colour schemes and polka dots - perfect!

    We had a candy buffet at our wedding in 2006, it was a huge hit! I even bought the old fashioned lolly scoops. I made a framed sign that read:

    Grab a box
    fill it up
    enjoy the sugar buzz
    and remember:
    love is sweet

  2. This would be every girls dream party, love it all x

  3. thanks Amanda and Judy. I think I'm more excited about the party than anyone else! hehehe

  4. Oh Marth from another mother - I can't wait for Wivia's Party - they are always the bestest <3 Do big people get a party bag too ???

  5. A great party already!

    I have to ask if you can help me with Matthew's. I want Robot cupcakes! And I love yours! Can you make the fondant tops and then ship them out to me in Sydney. I can make the cakes as you can ship them? Is this a possibility? I was thinking Retro Robots! Let me know what you think and how much...

  6. Yes i can totally do that for you. Big PLEASE, I'm not charging my sister-in-law!!!!
    I'd love to do it. I've got some ideas, i'll email you some pics!!
    How exciting, another party!!

  7. Party planning for my kids is one of my favorite things to do too. YOur dots and spots and pinks, reds and white look just perfect. Hope it goes well.
    Clare x

  8. I love planning for my daughter's birthday parties. She is turning 3 in January and already I am starting to plan. As we live in London we are taking full advantage of being home in Australia at that time by having a pool party. Just can’t decide on colours, light blue, white and red or orange and light blue?
    I love what you did for your son's last party so I am sure Olivia's will be just as great. Can’t wait to see the photos.

  9. Wowzer! I can't wait to see this one! Glad to see I am not the only kid-party crazy mum.

  10. Wowzer - Can't wait to see pics of this party! Glad to know I am not the only kid-party crazy mum around!

  11. This is going to be one fabulous party! I love your ideas and inspirations.


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