Friday, July 17, 2009

More twin bed love ....

this time from Phoebe Howard! The lilac room is my favourite. Which ones is yours?

Both images Phoebe Howard


  1. Hello!
    Love these photos - and your blog too :) I can see we follow quite a few of the same blogs.....and when I looked at your favourite films/music/books....we are almost lovely!
    Look forward to following you.....happy Friday :)

  2. I love the apple green, it "speaks" to me.

  3. LILAC!!!! how cozy is that???? have a great weekend... pam

  4. I cant go past the stripes. I wanted also to thankyou for the beautiful poem you posted on my blog about my dear dog Truman. It was so lovely of you.

  5. green all the way!

  6. Ooo - tough decision. I would have to go with the green/pink room though. I love all things green!

    I'm a new blogger and still exploring (although I don't think that ever changes - in blogs or in life!). I think I'm going to like your blog alot! And I've got to check out more of Phoebe Howard!

  7. I'm am having a Phoebe obsession ever since I visited her shop in Atlanta last week. She is a design goddess!
    I'm saving these images for my inspiration bedrooms.



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