Sunday, July 26, 2009

What a day!

Only one photo to share with you all just now of Olivia's party. I didn't take one photo myself, instead the super sweet and talented Leanne from Leanne Stamatellos Photography spent the entire party making sure each and every detail was snapped.


  1. What a wonderful shot. Looks like quite a party!!!
    xxx kim

  2. I was just surfing by, and I had to stop and look at this nice photo! What a lovely party! Such a nice and colorful picture. And your blog is full of delightful photos that give inspiration.
    I wish you all the best - and all good thoughts and wishes for your dad.
    Greetings from Norway

    Nordisk Landliv

  3. Thank you Camilla for your visit and your kind words. All very much appreciated. Especially for my Dad.

  4. How wonderful is this photo! It sums up that everyone had a ball.


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