Sunday, November 21, 2010

For lovers of Blue and White

During my time spent in NY recently one of the things I loved to do was wander the streets and marvel at the beautiful shop windows. Bergdorf Goodman was one that gave me plenty of eye candy. I've just read at Habitually Chic that a new book from Assouline, Windows at Bergdorf Goodman has been released.

Like HC, I won't be purchasing it (it's $550 and I'd rather pay for my kids to visit the dentist for that sort of money) but I thought I'd share with you a stunning window created using only Delft.


My mum and grandmother had a few pieces of blue and white china and I treasure the one piece that I have that was passed down to me from my great nana. I have no idea of the value however I suspect it's worth no more than a cup of coffee. I love it just the same.

During the time I spent with Anna Spiro whilst designing the interior of our home, her love of blue and white certainly took hold of me. I have a nice collection of it now, along with some beautiful white milk glass and pink Hull pottery. I love the thrill of finding a new piece at an obscure little second hand store.

What do you love collecting?


  1. What a stunning window display, I adore blue and white too, fashion changes but it seems the classic blue and white never leaves us for long. I collect old french and english crystal perfume bottles, they are my real splurge and I hope to pass them down to my daughters one day x

  2. Incredible. I love collecting white jugs, but a lovely piece of blue and white will lure me to the checkout too.
    Clare x

  3. Amazing. I just did a post on my blog last week about the windows at Bergdorf and Goodman. They are so amazing. I'd love to have a cuppa with the designer. Just fabulous!


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