Saturday, November 20, 2010

Navy, Red and White Christmas

Have you had a chance to check out what Ikea have on offer this Christmas? The simple colour palette of navy, red and white (with a touch of silver) lends itself well to the hot Aussie Christmas. And because it's Ikea you'll get big impact for little cash!

Here are a few of my favourite paper products.

ikea christmasClockwise SNOVITA card with envelope 8 pack $2.99, SNOVITA 5m double sided gift wrap $3.00, SNOVITA gift bag, set of 9 $2.99, NYSNO paper napkin $3.49


  1. I was very excited by this when I went a few weeks ago...I've stocked up on the paper bags, just couldn't believe how cheap they are! xxx

  2. I noticed the huge Christmas collection at IKEA last time I was there a few weeks ago and did a little mental note to come back & get some wrap etc. Completely Forgot where I saw Thanks for the reminder Sharnel! I love the navy wrap with stars! Our indoor Christmas decor is red & silver this year....but thinking I need to throw in navy so I can get that wrapping paper :)
    I LOVE IKEA :))

  3. I grabbed an number of rolls of that xmas wrap as soon as I saw it - just delish isn't it.

  4. I saw this range when I was there last month. I grabbed the silver star napkins and the silver angle paper bags. I am not sure how I am going to use them but thought they were lovely.

  5. Wow! Navy rounds out the ol' red and silver quite nicely! I'll have to incorporate that into my brown paper packages tied up with string!

  6. Hey Sharnel, yes I found out about the great IKEA items last week, they are truly wonderful! Like your blog,
    love Maaike

  7. Sharnel, great of you to post it, I love ikea decorations this year, it can also be used for other occasions and would be perfect for a nautical themed party as well :)


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