Monday, February 6, 2012

Beautiful backdrop made of candy

I've been wanting to make a backdrop from candy or lollies for a long time now. When the girls at Paper Eskimo sent me some samples of their new cupcake topper range I knew exactly what I wanted to create.


Here's how I constructed it:

1. Paint a piece of mdf in your choosen colour (I selected a whisper pink)

2. Once paint is dry, sketch out the design you want to create onto the mdf. I chose a heart for Valentine's Day.


3. Using pre-prepared royal icing begin sticking the choc beans (or other lolly) to the board. This is not a difficult job, but it is time consuming. I did this while watching the Men's Australian Open final.


The cupcakes I baked were really easy to decorate. I piped buttercream using a large round tip and then turned the cupcake upside down and covered it in shredded coconut. This gave the cupcake a gorgeous texture. Top it off with a sweet little cupcake pick from Paper Eskimo and bobs your uncle (actually I do have an Uncle named Bob!) The cupcake liners are also from Paper Eskimo. I love them more than I love my salad spinner.

I have a few of the pink milk glass cake stands left in the shop. Available here. Baking cups available here.


Photography Life in Bloom Photography

Styling Sharnel Dollar


  1. Cute and beautiful! I love the unique idea!

  2. Great idea Sharnel - it looks very effective.

    Curious, do you have a problem with your cupcake liners going a bit transparent/ greasy looking from the cupcake batter? I've had problems with the liners often losing the design/ distinction of colour after baking. I asked a couple of friends who have the same problem, and tend to replace them after baking. Yours look so perfect, and I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong?!

  3. So beautiful and unique! I love it!

  4. This looks fab Sharnel, am sure it took you quite a while to do !! I could never do that in my house ! there would be no candy left with the kids !!

  5. You are definitely getting more witty! Does uncle bob craft up stuff like this too!? LovT

  6. Looks gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing. :)

  7. Looks gorgeous Sharnel...Thanks so much for sharing :)

  8. Beautiful styling Sharnel - so pretty.


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