Monday, February 13, 2012

Paperie Valentine's Day Table

My daughter Olivia LOVES stationery. She is like a bowerbird with all her goodies. I'm not sure where she gets it from!

This afternoon I had this table waiting for Olivia when she returned home from school. It was sort of like I fulfilled my own childhood fantasy of walking into a stationery shop being told I could have what I wanted. Olivia was able to select an assortment of treats from the table to keep just for her from Mummy on Valentine's Day.

vd 2

So what was on the menu I hear you ask?

vd 3

Twine from kikki.K & spotty pencils from Specklefarm

vd 4

Gorgeous notebooks for writing down secrets from Specklefarm, Love Stamps and heart paperclips from kikki.K and erasers from Specklefarm

vd 1

I hope you all had a loved up day too!

This type of table would work so well for a girls birthday party. Instead of a lolly table let your little misses select their very own stationery.


  1. What a darling idea. I'm sure Olivia had so much fun. I LOVE stationary must be a girl thing.

  2. I love stationary too!!! Your daughter is so lucky to have such a wonderful mom!

  3. So gorgeous Sharnel , you have given me a wonderful IDEA !! ( Once again )


  4. Love the stationery table - what a lucky girl to have a "shop" at home! I used to LOVE stationery as a little girl. I seem to remember having a large collection of "smelly pens", things with love hearts all over them, stickers and novelty erasers.

  5. I love the stamp set from Kiki K. I want to get it for my class as something a bit different but special. Fiona

  6. Wow lucky girl. Reminds me of when I was young and the thrill of going into a Granny Mae's shop!


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