Friday, February 10, 2012

Pick me up

Somedays just don't feel right. You know the one. It's the day that just doesn't seem to fit, nothing you can pin point but there is this alarming sense that something is about to happen.

Well that's how I've felt this past week. And when I feel this way I try and do something just for me, something that I can either look at and will make me smile or think about and have the same effect.

So early this morning after gymnastics drop off I drove myself to the flower market and selected some beautiful roses. I really love getting a bunch of flowers home and selecting the perfect vase for them, arranging them just so. I'm no florist, but this type of work calms me. Makes me feel centred.


Don't you just love nature? How perfect is that rose? Ahh all the stress just seems to fade away when I look at these glorious flowers.

roses 2


  1. I know what you mean..... your flowers are beautiful and I hope you can shake that feeling soon!

  2. Hi Sharnel, I think it might have just been this week I know I felt sorta the same. I love the flowers they are beautiful and what a great reminder to do something for ones self. Hope you have a good weekend and enjoy the flowers.☺

  3. Beautiful roses Sharnel, I'm off to get some too. Have a lovely weekend.x

  4. The roses are beautiful. I am always in awe of florists after I try to arrange a bunch. Takes me forever :)

  5. Beautiful! Flowers are so restorative, aren't they? What flower market do you use, if that's not too nosey, please Sharnel?!? I've recently found one at Stafford - some lovely blooms there. Hope the roses did the trick for you. :-)


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