Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For the Little Miss Perfect in all of us

I love navy and pink as a colour combination.  Always have, always will.  So I when I stumbled across this sweeter than sweet preppy style setting, my heart skipped a beat.  

I'd love to adapt this and use as a base for my birthday party.  Oh, I'm not planning on having one, but just in case I do, this will be my inspiration!

What are your favourite colour combinations?

Image via Style Guide


  1. This is gorgeous Sharnel! I think a party is in order. I love anything with pink. Having a husband and a son, I try not to go overboard... I try.

  2. love navy and pink... and anything mixed with white..

  3. What a lovely colour combination!!! Pink & Navy just go so well together... very impressive! I Love your blog.. its so.... hhhhuumm... happy, pretty.. nice.. just wow!

  4. I'm glad you all love pink and navy. It's gorgeous isn't it?



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