Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wonder filled weekend

To the tiny little audience I have, I think I can count them on one hand (hehe), I hope you have a relaxing and wonder filled weekend.
I've got a lovely day planned today to lead me into the weekend.  A spot of shopping for easter supplies and then off to the hairdressers.  Oh me oh my, how I need to see my hairdresser.  Then tonight, I'm catching up with a group of glamorous girls for a glass of bubbles and a good laugh.
I really need my girlfriend time and I'm so looking forward to it.
I'll spend the rest of the weekend with my little family, going to ballet and helping a friend make her wedding cake.
High on the agenda is decorating our house ready for Easter next weekend.  I'll leave you with some of my favourite images from my sister from another mother - good old Martha.  Gotta love her!

All images via marvelous Martha


  1. I was only thinking today I haven't seen much easter inspiration in bloggy world- thank you for the first I have seen. And oh my, I love your blog and I promise "they will come" - how could they not!
    Love a trip to the hairdresser, jealous! Have a beautiful weekend Sharnel, enjoy xx

  2. I too have only a handful of readers, lol.. So I just wanted to let you know I came across your blog through ABT and really enjoyed it.. the images you post for inspo are great.. Keep up the good work!

    {Black Ribbon Interiors}

  3. Thank you Kimberlee and Jolena. I really doesn't bother me that I have a small audience. It's the quality that counts right? hehehe


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