Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A little lilac love

Dreamy bedroom - I adore the drapes and deep buttoned chair

LV "Olivia' scarf

Pretty party favours

Beautiful blooms


Gorgeous guest room - you can almost smell those flowers can't you?

Image 1 via my brain is numb and can't remember  Image 2 via LV   Image 3 via Lily-G  Image 4 i can't remember!  Image 5 by Hugh Stewart  Image 6 Better Homes & Gardens via This is Glamorous via Apartment Therapy


  1. Lavender is such a beautiful, majestic colour and yet is often forgotten when decorating. I love that guestroom. Heaven!

  2. Lilac... so pretty. Infact all shades of purple are just beautiful. Very Royal!! love the flowers... how refershing!! The guest room looks nice as well.. I like little squares...

  3. I love the single beds. How beautiful that room looks.


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