Monday, May 18, 2009

I have a plan

and it includes masses of lavender in my garden.  I'll share with you some progress photos as the plan unfolds.

UPDATE - i've been emailing The Lavender Assoc of Australia trying to find out the best type of Lavender for Brisbane.  Seems Lavender and Brisbane don't mix well.  And on top of that, they love a well drained soil.  Which we do not have.  We have clay.  Thick clay.  So my thinking cap is on.  Oh i really want to plant this all the way down our driveway.  It would look amazing.
Image via Content-Agency


  1. When I die I want to be buried in a garden of lavender. I adore the stuff.

  2. oh how lovely.... Wish I had a garden... to make such a plan... cant wait to see your plans unfold!!

  3. I love lavender too. I never have any luck growing it, although a friend has it taking over her whole garden. I should try again at my new house.
    Clare x

  4. What a gorgeous photograph - I love the combination of the lavender and pink colours together. xv


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