Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Plans have changed ....

.... we need to deflood (don't think this is a word) our yard first. Then put in some extra drainage to divert the run off from the neighbours yard. Then I'll get to the lavender.
This photo was taken after the worst was over.
The green grass you can see in the far corner has actually lifted.  Oh and the tennis court too. 
Five submersible pumps and thousands of dollars later the water is gone, for now.  They predict the worst is yet to come.  Great!


  1. I heard you guys have been having lots of rain in Qld but this is ridiculous! I hope none of it got into your home at least. Here's to blue skies... Catherine

  2. Oh my!! that is a lot of rain! glad you got it sorted out...but what a mess! at least you got the pumps in before the worst hits & before you put all the lavender in. hope you don't get as much rain as they are expecting. xo

  3. It has been a tad bit damp about Brisbane the last few days. Hope it drains quickly for you as the lavender fields sound like a beautiful idea.

    Followed your link from Beach Vintage and enjoyed your reading your blog posts, so many good things going on.

  4. Oh Sharnel!! That is terrible. I couldn't believe the rain we had in Brisbane yesterday, it was awful having to go outside in it. We're home today and we've got lots of sunshine this morning, I hope the rain is easing off down there too.

    Thinking of you! x

  5. Well you know, i look at it this way .... no one got hurt and god knows i need some exercise. So today i mopped and swept and it still looks like a mud puddle. The water is just unbelievable.
    Thanks for all your kind words everyone. Will be back to normal in no time I'm sure.

  6. The rain has been shocking and the damage no doubt has been terrible, I feel so awful for you xx

  7. This is awful! I hope that it did not get into the house as well.


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