Thursday, May 7, 2009

Vintage Vogue prints for Mother's Day

Wouldn't you just love one of these vintage Vogue covers for Mother's Day?  I'm quite partial to the middle illustration by André E. Marty.

This sweet outdoor scene by Pierre Brissaud appeared on the April 1, 1922, cover of Vogue.

André E. Marty captured a tender moment between mother and child in this illustration, which appeared on the August 15, 1925, cover of Vogue.

This intimate scene by George Lepape appeared on the February 1, 1922, cover of Vogue.


  1. They are absolutely beautiful! You'd be very lucky to receive one of those for mothers day.

    I've just bought myself two vintage fashion illustrations on ebay, I can't wait for them to arrive.

    Happy Friday!
    x Amanda

  2. PS. The middle one is my favourite too! I hope you get one on Sunday. x

  3. Adorable! Have a lovely weekend and happy mothers day for Sunday! Tracey & Hayley xx


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