Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Homemade Gifts for Christmas

I really love the idea of giving from the heart. Something that you have made with love and want to share with your nearest and dearest. I also love presenting my gifts beautifully.

Here is a easy and cost effective gift you (and the kids) can make this Christmas.

IMG_9171 copy

What you will need:

Flint Jar

Gift label and co-ordinating ribbon

Your favourite cookie recipe


Hot glue gun

Double sided sticky tape


Bake your favourite cookie. I used the Martha Stewart Basic Sugar Cookie recipe and added our choc beans for a little colour.

Take our flint jar and fill with your favourite cookies once they have cooled. The kids helped me bake ours and were very proud of themselves.

Cookie Jar both

Select a gift label you like. I used two different ones here. The pink and red is from Style Me Gorgeous and can be purchased here. The green and red design is from Fairydust Design. Toni's website is currently getting a makeover, however you can email Toni if you would like to purchase. Toni's email is

Select a ribbon that coordinates with the label and cut a piece long enough to wrap around the jar from the lid to the base. You will need extra for the bow.

Use the glue gun to secure the ribbon to the base and the lid. Then take the remaining ribbon and tie a neat bow and secure with hot glue.

If you are printing out the labels yourself you will need a colour printer and guillotine. Cut out your labels and place double sided tape on the blank side. Make sure you place the tape right up to the edge of the gift tag so it doesn't come away from the jar. Secure firmly on the jar.

Cookie Jar Joy

There you have it. A beautifully presented gift made with love!


  1. They are beautiful and such a lovely touch that the kids helped you make them.

  2. These look perfect! I think this year I'm going to do a few jars of layered cookie ingredients so my gifts are D.I.Y style...then I get to give the fun of baking too! xxxx

  3. So pretty - especially loving the ribbon you have used!
    Rachie xo

  4. Ooh, Sharnel!I'm your latest follower through Miss Sew & So. I adore this post. You are supremely talented! J x

  5. Beautiful gift idea! I would love to receive something like that!

  6. Reading my mind Sharnel - these are just gorgeous - have all the bits just got to get to the baking bit!! Leanne xx

  7. Very beautiful ! I love this homemade gifts:)

  8. You have a very beautiful blog and I love all the cute Christmas ideas! I hope you can come visit and follow back

    Peace & Love

  9. I always bake and giveaway cookies at Xmas. Love this idea.

  10. Sharnie I have just discovered your blog via fb and it is such a joyful place to come your amazing loving your blog :0) Lyn

  11. Such a Beautiful gift idea, love the wrapping! I must try to make these..might try a few myself :)

  12. A very sweet present! Very lovely wrapping, too!
    Brad Fallon

  13. Really sweet Gift Basket. I love it. Last Christmas i send Wine Gift Basket to my loved ones.


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